Drippy Zombies is a collection of 4000 zombies based on utility merging web 3 and real reliable utility bringing value. Our team has worked conscientiously with our artist experted in manga creation to truly create each and every zombie uniquely. There will be 4000 Drippy Zombies, 200 reserved for the team. Among the 3800 Drippy Zombies available to the public will be 12 Legendary Zombies and 800 zombies with different DNAs.


  • infest


    4000 Drippy Zombies are born on the Ethereum Blockchain and begin the infestation to the metaverse.



    Drippy Zombies core utility token will be generated passively by holding Drippy Zombies in your Ethereum wallet. Drippy Zombies will generate 4 $DRIPPY tokens each per day. You will be able to claim $DRIPPY tokens when you want to redeem them.

  • trippy Mart


    Drippy Zombies will gain access to Drippy Mart, the DrippyZombies marketplace that runs on $DRIPPY. Our one of a kind marketplace will provide a range of items from clothing, apparel, whitelist, and nfts for holders.

  • treasury


    The Community Treasury will be comprised of 50% of royalty revenue (4% total royalties) and 20% of minting funds. The Treasury will give holders the opportunity to vote on how the funds are distributed and used via our DAO mechanics

  • utilities


    Continuation of utilities expand for holders as we aim to continue to create amazing utilities through our partnerships and team solidifying us into a bluechip community. Expansion of our alpha department from giveaways, web 3 education, and alpha calls. Play to earn comes to Drippy Zombies with a core token to be earned from playing. Gen 2 releases, free minted for holders of two gen-one zombies.


Public mint is 0.05. Whitelist mint is 0.029

There will be 4,000 Drippy Zombies. 200 minted by the team.

$DRIPPY will be listed and liquidity will be provided.

Drippy Zombies are built on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721A smart contract. Our developers focused on optimizing the smart contract in a way that gas fees are cheaper when compared to other projects.

Join our discord and anyone from the team will be happy to help you out!

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